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As He Is USA exists to support As He Is Zimbabwe in preaching the
Gospel to those who seek treatment of physical ailments at its Christian Hospitals and Clinics.


A not-for-profit medical mission institution. As He Is actually stands for: The Association of Health Institutions and Services of USA which is affiliated with, ASHEIS, Zimbabwe.

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Orientation Video
By Dr. Bungu
Missionary DoctorZimbabwe


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  • I do not know where “work like a dog” comes from, but we certainly need volunteers to talk to visitors at our booth. If we do it without you, we will feel like we joined the canines. Contact us to Volunteer a few hours. It will be fun to see you and talk about what god is doing in zimbabwe....

  • Fall is great! With warm sunny days and cool crisp evenings. The changing leaves, football games, sitting with friends by the fire pit, and pumpkin spice … everything! It is one of my favorite times of the year. It is also a very busy time. With the kids back in school, raking leaves, and getting the house ready for winter's arrival; the “to do” list seems to never end. We have been very busy here at AsHeIsUSA too....

  • We are grateful that we have heard from Mashoko Christian Hospital in that our prayers has been answered for they have gotten the rain they needed. Because of no rain in the past, there is a lack of food, so we need to pray daily that God will provide for their needs....

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