12 for 12 Campaign: Will you join us?

12 for 12 Campaign: Will you join us?

Have you ever noticed how often the number 12 appears in the Bible? Jesus’ 12 disciples, the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament.

As we reach midyear , As He Is USA is looking for more 12 donors that are willing to donate $12 per month to the ministry for the next 12 months.

$12 doesn’t get you very far in the USA — maybe a few cups of coffee, maybe a full dinner — but $12 can go a LONG way in Zimbabwe. These key monthly donations will have a huge impact on covering the daily expenses at the hospitals and clinics As He Is supports in Zimbabwe, like the Mashoko Christian Hospital.

If you’ve been praying about ways to support As He Is, this is a perfect time for you to begin partnering with us. To join the #12for12campaign, follow these simple steps:

We’ll be sharing information about the #12for12campaign on our Facebook page soon, so please share our posts with your friends and family and invite them to be a part.

Thank you for your support and prayers — may God bless you!

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