July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

Mashoko Christian Hospital Bungu Medical Ministry

Greetings from AS HE IS!

(forwarding agency for Dr. Bungu, Mashoko Christian Hospital)

We praise God that the Bungus were nally issued visas in mid-April that allowed them a much needed short visit the U. S. to see their children and grandchildren and for Dr. Bungu to attend the Christian Medical and Dental Association Conference at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. In answer to prayer,s and contributions, they made a short trip in May and Dinah travelled well on the long ight in spite of health challenges since December 2013.

Dr. B, Dinah, and youngest son David after AS HE IS board meeting in Covington, KY

In their short visit with their family and friends, they took time out to share what God is doing at Mashoko with the congregations at West Lafayette Christian Church and Oxford Church of Christ in Indiana. They also were able to see Dr. Dwain and Marilyn Illman, previous missionaries of Mashoko Hospital. Enroute back to Cincinnati, they touched base with IDES (International Disaster & Emergency Services) which has funded projects at Mashoko and with FAME, partners in medical evangelism, which has been a long-time friend of Mashoko in their loyal commitment to ship supplies and equipment to Mashoko.

Life at Mashoko

Dr. Bungu and the team at Mashoko are challenged these days due to economic diculties in Zimbabwe, but those in need of physical help continue to be treated and ministered to both physically and spiritually. Dr. B continues to work with and help train the leadership at the hospital. The executive team includes Dr. Bungu (medical superintendent), Sr. Chaplain Suspicion Mudzanire, hospital administrator Lloyd Marwa, the Matron, dentist, and Tutor-incharge. These make up the policy-making body at Mashoko as they oversee the medical and dental ministry, evangelism and outreach, and the school of nursing. The thrust of the whole ministry continues to be preaching the Gospel. Chaplains Mudzanire and Mutewa work diligently with the Outreach program (especially to HIV patients), evangelism, and supporting neighboring churches. Meanwhile, Dr. B and Dinah plan to return to the U. S. the end of August through November. Several churches have already contacted forwarding agent Lynda Ruth McClintock to schedule a visit. If you would like Dr. Bungu to share with your church what God is doing in Zimbabwe, please contact Lynda Ruth at missions@asheisusa.com


  • – Praise for Bungu’s visas
  • – Travel safely for Bungus as they come to the U. S.
  • – Approval of a visa for Chaplain Suspicion Mudzanire later this year
  • – Necessary funding and transfer of those funds to Mashoko
  • – Wisdom for AHI Board of Directors
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